These following two edits are best suited to be shared to large groups, and help keep distant friends and relatives updated.

Teaser Trailer:

This is like a short trailer for your wedding video. Usually about 30 seconds to a minute and a half in length and sure to leave an audience wanting to see more! It may shares a lot of qualities that a highlight does; but the teaser is way more action packed, shorter in length and a fraction of the cost! “A Teaser for a Highlight tends be shorter than a teaser for a Feature film.” This is a fun way to hype up your wedding video! You can post this to social media as a story or a reel even!

Highlight edit:

Remove Feature Film to add this! Usually 1-3 minutes in length. This is a creative edit with strong storytelling elements. Not all moments are included, but the ones that are, are sure to make you laugh, cry and want to re-watch immediately. This includes royalty free music options so you can share in on social media with friends and family! This is not recommend to be paired with my “Feature Film edit” due to the similarities! This is best suited for general social media sharing

These next three edits tend to be more more sentimental; meant to be shared with immediate family and friends.

Feature Film:

This is like an extended highlight. The Feature Film “features” all parts of the day; as apposed to a Highlight edit which “highlights” parts of the day. Or a Teaser edit with “teases” you and leaves you excited for more! On average the Feature Film ranges from 4 to 8 minutes. Or 75% longer than a highlight edit from the same day. It has the best parts of the ceremony, memorable toasts from the reception intertwined with footage of preparation, location, details, 1st looks and more! This edit in standard and tells a story! I don’t recommend pairing this with a Highlight edit as they will be to similar and hard to make unique. Consider adding on a Teaser Edit that way both edits are unique and not monotonous.

Formal Edit:

This is a condensed version of the ceremony, dances, toasts ect. With clever seamless transitions and a length of 10 to 25 minutes; this edit is great to share with those who couldn’t make it but want the exciting entertaining and emotional viewing experience of a day of guest. As opposed to the Uncut Edit which can feel long and monotonous we choose the most captivating parts and edit them in Chronological order. This edit only contains (1 st looks > ceremony > entrance > dances > toasts, exit) Contains no B-roll or licensed music. Aside from some ambient music or music in the background from the formal event. The main goal for this edit is to make the Formal edit look so perfect you forget it was even edited.

Chronological Feature Edit:

Remove Feature Film and Formal edit to add this! The “Chronological Feature Edit” is a Documentary style; a mix of the “Feature Film” and the “Formal edit” These are significantly longer than “Feature Films” It usually ends up being a 20-50 minute film of the entire day, getting ready to exit! (depending on the span of time I’m scheduled) Unlike the “Feature film this edit includes entire ceremony and toasts and parts of dances with all errors and mishaps removed unless otherwise wanted! Due to it’s extended length This pairs great with a “Teaser edit” or a “Highlight edit!

The last two delivery options are for those who want to see every last detail of there day.

Uncut Edit:

This is one long video of the entire (ceremony > dances > toasts) Unlike RAW Footage this is color corrected and graded. It will have audio from microphones instead of camera audio for clarity. And camera angles will be switching for a much better viewing experience than RAW Footage. These can sometimes be over an hour in length! I edit these events back to back in the order they so happen to be on your day. I combine it into one long video, with smooth transitions of sound and location. This edit is a must have as you’ll want to see the day exactly how it was 5— 10 or even 50 years from now! This edit does not include any getting ready or in-between candid moment / details or party dancing.

RAW Footage:

These are video files straight out of the camera. This contains all the video and audio files from the wedding day are typically only suited for professionals but I do offer it! They are extremely dull in color and very large uncompressed files that require very fast computers to even playback. I do not recommend these unless you have knowledge and know your computer can handle “H265” footage at a bit rate of 250/mbs; the Formal Edit usually contains most of what you’d want to see from this.


We offer professional color correction and grading. As a professional colorist we make sure the final look is approved by the client and helps the overall narrative.

Color correction is the process of making sure the color is as accurate as possible; it truly separates the “pros” from the “part-timers.” Color grading is what gives the footage a particular mood and style, and is essential for beautiful cinematic film. Subtle changes can impact the narrative. A good color grade will add uniqueness to your film and push it to the next level!

I shoot in a RAW style picture profile in order to preserve highlights and shadows for maximum dynamic range. These RAW profiles enable me to push out desired colors without jeopardizing the quality of the image!

First I “process” the files which give them a much more saturated and contrasted look to make what it looked like in real life. Then I can start a creative “grade” to make the films unique. The grades can vary from hyper realistic to feeling more warm and earthy.