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You want a video that will capture emotion. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’s the closest thing to reliving your wedding day.We use the best low light cameras on the market right now; and unlike other “videographers” I shoot everything in 4k! while providing complete multi-cam recordings of all events!


Color correction is the process of making sure the color is as accurate as possible; it truly separates the “pros” from the “part-timers.” Color grading is what gives the footage a particular mood and style, and is essential for beautiful cinematic film. Subtle changes can impact the narrative. A good color grade will add uniqueness to your film and push it to the next level!

I shoot in a RAW style picture profile in order to preserve highlights and shadows for maximum dynamic range. These RAW profiles enable me to push out desired colors without jeopardizing the quality of the image!

First I “process” the files which give them a much more saturated and contrasted look to make what it looked like in real life. Then I can start a creative “grade” to make the films unique. The grades can vary from hyper realistic to feeling more warm and earthy.

I know couples put their hearts into planning their wedding. I want to make your film unique to you, and reflective to your personal taste. I refuse to edit in a lazy template format! I want music styles and editing to reflect your personal tastes and personalities. I usually choose music; and I take your likes and dislikes into consideration. A wedding film should be unique to you. I will honor your dedication by making sure the final product is Personal, Elegant, Memorable & Unique!

Your wedding day does not have to be stressful.I know how important it is to capture all the special moments and details.We coordinate with your wedding planner to make sure we don’t miss any shots and blend in seamlessly with the wedding party.

We not only act as your professional wedding videographer and/or photographer on your big day but we coordinate with the photographer and act as your VIP escort. Keeping you hidden from each other and or guests when needed!

I have close to a decade experience filming and editing beautiful cinematic wedding films. My shooting style tends to non-intrusive. Doing these types of events require you to be ready for every worst case scenario while staying level headed; after-all you cannot just redo a wedding!

It’s so important to hire a professional who will not only capture the raw footage of your big day; but also edit it down to create an emotional movie, frequently set to music, that will truly tell the story of your wedding from start to finish.

Our multi-cam setups insure smooth cuts and a dynamic viewing experience!

The set-up varies but here is a diagram of how my 3 camera set-up looks. The center isle camera is always mobile!

All my starter packages include the following!

  • Formal edit!
  • Feature Film edit!
  • 3 ANGLE ceremony!
  • 2 ANGLE for 1st dance!
  • 2 ANGLE for toasts!
  • Pro audio ENGINEERING
  • PRO color correction!
  • Free digital download!

wedding definitions

Formal Edit: This is one long video of the entire ceremony, dances toasts ect. Unlike RAW footage this is color corrected and graded. It will have audio from microphones instead of camera audio for clarity. And camera angles will be switching for a much better viewing experience! These can sometimes be over an hour in length! It typically goes in this order as follows: (ceremony > entrance > dances > toasts, exit) I edit these events back to back in the order they so happen to be on your day. I combine it into once long video, with smooth transitions of sound and location. This edit is a must have as you’ll want to see the day exactly how it was 5— 10 or even 50 years from now!

Feature Film: This is like an extended highlight. The Feature Film “features” all parts of the day; as apposed to a Highlight edit which “highlights” parts of the day. Or a Teaser edit with “teases” you and leaves you excited for more! On average the Feature Film ranges from 4 to 8 minutes. Or 75% longer than a highlight edit from the same day. It has the best parts of the ceremony, memorable toasts from the reception intertwined with footage of preparation, location, details, 1st looks and more! This edit in standard and tells a story!

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Calculation for mileage – Distance from “37411” multiplied by 2, minus included mileage. (200 or 400) Multiply remaining miles by 0.6 for estimate!

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I am a wedding videographer for Knoxville Tennessee, Chattanooga Tennessee, Nashville Tennessee, Gatlinburg Tennessee, Pigeon Forge, and surrounding areas! Including parts of Kentucky, North Carolina, Alabama & Georgia.

wedding video styles

1. Artistic Videography Style
The artistic videography style depends on the preference of the couple or the videographer. It does not follow a specific rule of format. It is basically more of a freestyle videography, except that it does not lay its aesthetic dimension on the line. A lot of couples appreciate this style because it makes their wedding video unlike the others. It is not recommended, though, if the couple just asked someone from the family to do the task. While there are no specific rules to follow, the artistic videography style needs proper training and experience.

2. Journalistic Videography Style
The journalistic videography style is probably the most widely-used style when it comes to wedding videos. Not much skill is needed for the photographer, since his only job is to record events as they happen. They document every part of the wedding, from the vows to the reception. This requires no intervention from the videographer. It is also described as the “documentary” of the occasion. It will be edited and polished based on the actual sequence of events.

3. Cinematic Videography Style
From the word itself “cinematic,” shooting for a cinematic wedding video is just like creating a movie or a film. The way the video clips are recorded can be compared to the journalistic videography style, except that special effects are added in the editing part in order to create a dramatic mood. However, this style is also not suitable for people who have limited or no background at all in cinematography and video editing. Creating a cinematic video successfully requires advanced knowledge of editing softwares.

4. Storytelling Videography Style
Typically, the storytelling videography style comprises of a video or a photo montage of the wedding accompanied by a narrating voice and music. It can be likened to a cinematic videography style for its editing approach. This style, however, is the most labor-intensive among all wedding videography styles. Aside from recording and editing the wedding ceremony, testimonies and dialogues should also be incorporated in the video. The entire vows don’t necessarily have to be included in the feature films though!

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